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Top 5 Reasons To Design Custom Aluminum Extrusions

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Aluminum is one of the most popular metals on the planet and is used in countless applications, systems and processes. Before it can be useful, however, it has to be transformed from its basic form into a functional condition. The aluminum extrusion process involves taking raw aluminum billets and 'squeezing' them through cross sectioned dies, resulting in the desired profile.

We have the choice of picking from a wide variety of extrusion shapes and sizes, giving us very precise control over the finished product. This, of course, comes with a raft of advantages and benefits at the same time. In this post we are going to help you figure out whether or not a custom aluminum extrusion design will work for you by highlighting the benefits you can expect.

Let's dive right in.

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1. Your Extrusions Will be Much More Versatile

The ability to determine the shape, size and dimensions of custom extrusions is a massive benefit of this design process. It allows us to meet highly specific requirements and specifications. This level of flexibility and versatility means that we will have a virtually limitless scope when it comes to coming up with the components, products and designs we need to realize our visions.


2. Customized Extrusion Designs are Much Stronger

There are numerous studies and statistics that demonstrate the fact that aluminum alloys become much stronger once they have undergone extrusion. You can enhance their strength and durability by choosing to design specially selected profiles designed to maximize their hardiness. Strength is an essential element in various industries and applications such as construction, machine fabrication, the automotive industry and so on.


3. Custom Extrusions are Much Faster

In most industries, saving time will translate to saving money which is always a good thing. In the case of customized extrusion designs, you will be able to save valuable time and money at the same time in the design stages rather than being forced to make changes after the production process is already underway.

By shortening the lead times on extrusions in this way, many clients can enjoy more streamlined production pipelines that allow them to react quickly to emergencies and take advantage of potentially short-lived opportunities.


4. You Will Enjoy Dramatically Reduced Costs

Contrary to popular belief, standard extrusions are not always cheaper than custom designs. While this might be true under certain circumstances, then there are plenty of conditions which will make it more economically viable to turn to custom designs.

If you intend to carry out secondary fabrications and operations on standard extrusions once you receive them, you might save considerable time, money, as well as effort by picking out a custom design to begin with.

As long as you have the foresight and experience to understand what you need, you can be sure that a good extrusion supplier will be able to meet your specifications and deliver exactly what you need.


5. You’ll Get Much Better Products

As with any other metal, every time you join, weld, or bend an aluminum tube or bar, the point of action will inevitably become a weak point that is more prone to failure which is a problem that custom design solves.

This process does not involve welding or even joining, meaning that you can come up with extrusions that exhibit significantly higher levels of durability, longevity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. At the end of the day, you will receive much more value and utility from the final products than you would otherwise imagine.


The Verdict

Aluminum extrusions make for vital components in a variety of industries including the building, manufacturing, automotive, electrical and in the medical fields. While standard extrusions make for the bulk of supplies employed across the globe then the importance of customized extrusion designs has come to be recognized as the next step in the evolution of aluminum as a useful metal.

You do not have to be a professional cook to know that you cannot expect to make an excellent meal if your ingredients are not of good quality. Weiye Aluminium has decades of experience supplying world class extrusion products to clients all over the world and is ready to help you make your dreams come true. For all your aluminum product needs, make Weiye Aluminium your first call.