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We provide comprehensive solutions for aluminum, extrusion services that adapt to your profile
From the procurement of aluminium materials, the processing and molding of products, to the warehousing and logistics, with the perfect ERP management system, advanced and excellent performance management system and 6S on-site managemen standards, WEIYE Group pursues excellence in fine management and quality monitoring, ensures the implementation of accountability, strives to achieve zero defects and effectively tracks the whole process of product quality monitoring.
WEIYE has 65 extrusion production lines.The configuration transformation and upgrading of large 5000-ton and 7000-ton Extruder in South China have improved the quality and efficiency of the supply system in an allround way. The intelligent management system of automatic vertical warehouse replaces manual labor and greatly improves the production efficiency. In recent years, with the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the factory, WEIYE's production capacity has been increasing steadily, and the annua production capacity has exceeded 400,000 tons. The company has also become the first batch of "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration enterprise in Foshan.
WEIYE provides architectural designers and builders with rich color and excellent performance products, especially metal flash and outdoor weatherresistant products. In addition, a variety of functional powder coatings are also concerned, such as anticorrosion, anti graffiti and so on. These surface treatment put on the"coat" of beauty. technology and fashion for the building.
  • 3000 + kinds of surface treatment
  • 15 powder coating production lines
  • 8 oxidation / electrophoresis production lines
  • 3 fluorocarbon spraying production lines
  • 12 wood-grain production lines
Connection and Packing
We design optimal alternatives for your product’s operation, providing a packaging that adapts to the needs of the project and includes the necessary materials for its ideal commercialization.
  • We analyze your product and design personalized alternatives for direct sale
  • We adapt the manufacture of the aluminum profile to an optimal assembly design
  • We verify with feasibility tests each material that your packaging requires
  • Work with multiple local packaging suppliers, to fully capture the customers' intended marketing concept
Complete Solution
A fundamental part of our entire package for your project is providing a system where we collaborate with the control of your inventory, storage, and administration of your products, providing you with comfort and security. Vendor managed inventories and Kanban programs are available as well...The intelligent management system of automatic vertical storage has replaced the manual, greatly improved the production efficiency and comprehensively improved the quality and benefit of the supply system.
  • We store your aluminum profiles, ready for their commercialization in the market.
  • We provide the necessary information to control the flow of materials within your warehouse.
  • We manage the inputs and outouts of the product as well gs the existence of the same.