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China Wholesale Custom Aluminum Casement Window

Weiye Aluminium offers great prices when it comes to ordering wholesale aluminum windows. We also ensure that all our pieces are made with the utmost care. With this, there is no worry that product quality will be compromised. Weiye Aluminium always delivers on time so no matter how many pieces of custom aluminum windows clients have, they can rest assured we will get it for them.
  • Whether clients are constructing a new home or just renovating what they have, it helps to have their windows ordered in bulk. With this, the style and quality will be consistent throughout. Ordering windows wholesale also means that clients only need to customize them once. 

    There is reduced back and forth between distributors, contractors and end users who are working on them. The other perk of getting wholesale aluminum casement windows is, distributors will spend less on them because of the discounts it comes with.

  • 1. What is the minimum order quantity of your company?
    A: Our minimum order quantity is 2 tons.
  • 2. Do you provide OEM/ODM manufacturing service?
    A: Yes, we offer customization manufacturing for aluminum profiles, aluminum window and doors, curtain wall and aluminum furniture for businesses.
  • 3. Hong long is your delivery time?
    Usually, 20-25 days after the down payment is finished.
  • 4. What are the packing materials for the products?
    A: Plastic Protective Film + Shrink Film
    Plastic Protective Film + Pear Cotton + shrink Film
    Plastic Protective Film + Kraft paper + wood frame
    Plastic Protective Film + Kraft paper + wood frame + steel trolley
  • 5. How does your factory ensure the product quality?
    A: During each production step, our QC team take strict tests to ensure the products are well checked and signed before they are shipped.